Bath Time Tea

Bath Time Tea


The Benefits of Tea Baths

Detoxifies skin.

May delay skin cell aging.

Promotes healing of sores and wounds.

Soothes Stressed Skin.

Help to balance skin tone.

Aid in the repair of sun damage.

Promotes rejuvenation of skin cells.Fights free radicals.


After a long day at work, you have fed the family, cleaned and put away the dishes, read them a bedtime story and put the children to bed,  and now you just need some quiet time alone.  Run your bath, pour your favorite wine, grab your favorite book, dip your tea bag into the water and allow the stresses of the day to float away!

Hibiscus, Calendula Flower, Rose Petal, Lavender Bud, Egyptian Mint, Rosemary, Epson, Dead Sea Salt, Goat Milk Powder and your favorite fragrance or essential oil.

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